Architect's glossary

Acceptance of works (RDT)

Act by which the client declares to accept the work (or works) with or without reservations, and notes that the builders have fulfilled their contractual commitments. It intervenes at the request of the most diligent party, either amicably or, failing that, judicially.


In regards to:

Phase dans le planning d’un architecte, faisant parti de la loi MOP.  Voici les phase de la loi MOP:


ESQ sketch studies
AVP pre-project studies
APS preliminary design studies
ODA final design studies
PRO project studies
EXE execution studies
SYN summary plans
VISA approval of the execution studies
ACT assistance to the project owner for the signing of works contracts
OPC scheduling, steering, coordination
TED management of the execution of works contracts
AOR for assistance during acceptance operations and during the year of the perfect completion guarantee

For more information you can visit: https://www.architectes.org/MOP