Team management

Ressources et collaborateurs

Find employee profiles and manage agency roles and availability.

Invite all collaborators and manage each profile from OOTI. Here you can add all their information and manage their roles and permission. The availabilities of your teams are also made available in the management of your staff. The software also allows the management of leave and expense reports.

Designed for you

Agency summary

All the information of your employees in the form of detailed sheets.

Fiches collaborateurs

Employee sheet

Add all profile information and manage contracts, roles and permissions.

Resource planning

On each project, add time periods in the schedule. Then assign them to your teams to plan your time.

Disponibilités des équipes

Teams availability

Visualize at a glance the availabilities of your teams. The red ranges will notify you of work overloads. Thanks to the global vision, you can then reassign the work to other team members.

Roles management

Manage all agency roles and assign them to different projects or teams.

Gestion des congés

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