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A dashboard is a performance measurement instrument, which presents various indicators in the form of figures, tables and/or graphs. It facilitates the management of the company within the framework of a process of permanent improvement.

Work, work to be done in a determined time and under certain conditions: Complete the task of the day.

Billable rate
The billable rate is the amount you charge customers for your products and services, in other words, their selling price

Time tracking
Time that can be measured. Determined period. Moment.

Time saved
The fact of being granted an extension of time in order to achieve something.

Real time
In computing, a real-time system is an application or more generally a system for which compliance with time constraints in the execution of processing is as important as the result of this processing. The result of an action is directly visible.

Expanse of land, considered from the point of view of its surface, its ownership and its use: Land is expensive in Paris.

Set consisting of the cover of a building and its frame.

modification, change

All construction, development or restoration operations of buildings, roads, land, etc.