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PLU (local urban plan)
A local urban plan (PLU) is a document setting the urban planning standards for a municipality or a group of municipalities.

The local Intercommunal urban plan is the urban planning document which, at the level of the Community of Communes, establishes the overall urban planning and development project and consequently sets the general rules for land use on the territory.

A Regional Natural Park is a remarkable place at the architectural, historical, cultural, botanical level... This label was created in France in 1967. A PNR is formed by municipalities which wish to preserve this heritage, through a labeling of the State, and by respecting a charter.

Private public partnership. Established by the ordinance of June 17, 2004

The flood risk prevention plan (PPRI) is a document that regulates urbanization in areas subject to flood risk. The PPRI is part of the Plans for the Prevention of Predictable Natural Risks (PPRNP).

act of paying, of paying a sum of money which is due

Person who draws up plans for the development of urban green spaces.

Yield, the best result. Also, result obtained in a competition.

Building permit (PC)
The building permit is an administrative authorization prior to the construction of any building in compliance with the law of land use. It is the community in charge of town planning documents that grants the building permit.

Perspective is a drawing or painting technique that gives the illusion of depth (3D) on a flat surface (in 2D). In architecture, the perspective can be a deliverable requested by the client to have a real vision of the rendering of his project.

Steps put in place for the realization of a project, the study, execution and summary phases are essential to the quality of the process and the perfect completion of the site.

Responsibility for the smooth running of a construction site within the set deadlines, from the preparation, even the design, until the reception of the work and the monitoring of the perfect completion. Mission often associated with scheduling and coordination. V. OPC (mission). Also, the act of running a business

Drawing obtained by orthogonal projection of a work on a horizontal plane, executed according to the rules of industrial design (in particular the scales, symbols and quotation are standardized). Also called plan view. - Graphic document (may include plan views, sections, profiles, etc.).

Dimensional plans
Plan covered with dimensions, figures carried on an industrial or architectural drawing and giving a dimension of the object represented.

Cutting plane
Drawing representing the structure of a building according to a vertical section: slice allowing to see the levels

Facade plan
The facade plan is a graphic representation showing each facade of a building: front, rear, right and left gable. Everything that can be seen from the outside must be there.

ground plan
The ground plan is a graphic representation describing the current state of the land and also exposing your future construction project.

Floor plan
Level plan is a representation in horizontal projection of one of the levels of a building (ground floor, basement, floor, roof terrace).

Location plan
The site plan is an aerial graphic representation of your plot and its surroundings. Generally a cadastral plan. This plan can be accompanied by a satellite view captured using a geolocation tool

Roof plan
The roof plan is a graphical representation of the roof and its structure. It is necessary for the smooth running of the construction.

Electrical plan
The architectural electrical plan, also called architectural electrical diagram, is a diagram allowing the electrical needs of the dwelling to be expressed: it lists the location and the number of electrical devices (lights, electrical outlets, switches, etc.) on the housing plan
A detailed activity plan, usually put in place at the start of a project and broken down by phase.

All building work (installation and repair) concerning the distribution and evacuation of water, the production of domestic hot water, gas supply, sanitary appliances and valves.

Service provider
Architect established in another State, and authorized to practice on a one-off and occasional basis on French territory. He is not registered on the Roll of the Order, but he must register his activity with the Order before any contractual commitment.

Gain (sum of money earned) realized on a transaction, a project or in the exercise of an activity.

Architectural and technical programming falls into the category of project management assistance professions. It is part of the so-called preliminary studies and aims to allow project owners to express the objectives and constraints of the real estate project for which they are responsible.

The act of projecting something into the future. Financial projections or forecasts allow a company to understand certain costs or revenues that could have a strong impact on its operation.

A project is a set of activities organized in phases or stages and forming the management unit allowing the achievement of a defined and precise objective.

Project (PRO)
Phase used to finalize the project in order to submit the necessary administrative authorization requests, such as the request for a building permit, and to set an overall schedule for completion.

Natural or legal person who plans the construction of a building for residential, commercial or industrial use and organizes the financing with a view to resale

A proposal, or fee proposal, is a contract designating the remuneration of an architect accompanied by conditions specific to a project or client.

Searching for potential customers.