Translation in english to come... In the mean time, the glossary is in french 

State-certified Architect Authorized for Project Management in his own name. The diploma of architect DPLG - "Diplômé Par Le Gouvernement" was replaced in 2006 by this new name

Graduated by the Government. Professionals registered with the Order obtained their diploma issued by certain French schools until 2007. Today replaced by DEHMONP State Graduate Architect Authorized for Project Management in its own name

Data Center
A data center is a place grouping equipment that makes up the information system of one or more companies. It can be internal and/or external to the company.

Estimated quantitative descriptions (DQE)
The DQE (Estimated Quantitative Detail) is a document, in principle non-contractual, used in purchase order markets intended to allow price comparison. It calculates the sum of the products of the estimated quantities by the unit prices. Sometimes called cost estimate.

Discipline aimed at harmonizing the human environment, from the design of everyday objects to urban planning.

Detailed statement of the work to be performed or service accompanied by the price estimate.

Person who directs, is at the head (of a company, an establishment, an administration).

Directorate for the execution of the works contract (DET)
The management of the execution of the works contract(s) aims to ensure that the execution documents as well as the works in progress comply with the studies carried out.

Business Consultation File (DCE)
File sent to the candidate by the adjudicator. It includes the documents necessary for the consultation of candidates for a contract. These are all the documents drawn up by the public purchaser intended for companies interested in the market.

Likely to last a long time.

Counter creditor. Person or bank account that is overdrawn. Expenses are then greater than revenues. A debtor owes a sum of money.

The prior declaration designates an administrative formality carried out before the completion of work and allowing the town hall of a municipality to verify that the project complies with the town planning rules provided for by law or regulation.

Global Price Breakdown (DPGF)
Document breaking down the elements of the fixed price of the service to be performed, defining the quantities and the elements to be quantified by the companies.

Breakdown of a sum, received or paid, into its detailed elements. Also, deduction to be made on an account that has a reduction balance.

Act by which one delegates

Company name
It is the legal name of a commercial company, any term freely chosen by the partners, which often refers to the activity of the company. It identifies the company as a legal person.

Filing of building permit
Administrative document issued, on request, by the town hall of the location of the land concerned. We also talk about building permits

Small component of a set. In architecture, the most important thing that is part of everyday language in the trade.

Sustainable development
It is development that meets the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.