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Association of Heritage Architects.


Architect of Buildings of France (ABF). State agent reporting to the Ministry of Equipment and Housing. Its mission is to ensure the application of legislation on architecture, sites, historical monuments and their surroundings, to determine and direct the maintenance and repair work to be carried out on listed buildings.


A deposit is any partial payment that occurs at the conclusion of the sales contract or after its conclusion


Legal act by which buyers or contractors are placed in free competition by auction


Relating to Administration. Management of business, property and people. Often relating to the public domain.


Meeting of people who group a community of functions or interests, regularly convened and deliberating according to established rules with a view to making certain decisions or accomplishing a specific mission.

Architecture agency

Organization in which architects, engineers, draughtsmen and representatives of other disciplines develop architectural projects on behalf of the State, a local authority or the private sector.


The National Agency for the Improvement of Habitat (Anah) is a public administrative establishment of the French State which implements the national policy for the improvement of the existing private housing stock.


National Agency for Urban Renovation (ANRU), public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature, created to ensure the implementation and financing of the national urban renovation program (PNRU).


Architect Registration Board. Equivalence of the Order of Architects in England. Public interest organization.


A qualified person, whose job is to design the plan of a building and to direct its execution. The profession of architect requires both technical and artistic knowledge. It is now regulated and validated by a state diploma.


Group of graduates, very creative and appreciated by OOTI.


Art of designing and constructing buildings of all kinds, and indicating their decoration. It must also be concerned with the destination and the solidity of the buildings. This profession being part of the field of art and science, requires studies and training.

Interior architecture

Art of designing and creating aesthetic, comfortable and functional interior spaces by playing with volumes, light, furniture and materials, while taking into account technical and budgetary constraints.


Assistance in awarding works contracts (ACT) is the assistance provided to the contracting authority for the awarding of works contracts on the basis of the studies it has approved.


Assistance to the project owner, the AMO's mission is to help the project owner to follow the project carried out by a project manager, to take multiple decisions which are incumbent on him during its progress and to take delivery of the work. .


Assistance provided to the contracting authority during reception operations (AOR). He must organize the operations prior to the acceptance of the works, ensure follow-up, proceed to the examination of the reported disorders and constitute the file of the executed works necessary for their exploitation.

Damage-work assistance

Property damage insurance is compulsory insurance for new constructions. Its purpose is to guarantee the reimbursement or repair of problems covered by the ten-year guarantee without waiting for court decisions.


Autocad is computer-aided drawing and design software. The software is published by AutoDesk.


Use of machines, automatisms to simplify and make a process or an action more effective.


State of what is moving forward; action to progress: the progress of a project, the progress of work. In architecture, advancement is by defined stages and phases.


Amendment to the contract: Legal act which allows an additional clause to be included in a contract to make one or even several modifications.