As we explained in our previous post, the digitalization of the construction industry promises to accelerate further in the future. How to see more clearly and choose the right tools from the plethora of solutions promising mountains and wonders? Discover our top 5!

The first thing to understand when looking through the digital peephole is that it is largely protean. From the administrative management of the agency to the digital development of the models, a single common point: the control of your tools thanks to a mouse.

However, well articulated between them, the right software used at the right time allows many advantages, the first of which is easier management of the agency. And perhaps this reason alone justifies our interest!

For you, a review of the digital tools perfectly cut out for the life of an architect! 

The OOTI Toolkit: 

1. The “next gen” drawing board

The stereotypes have a hard life. If architecture is played more and more on a digital model, the collective imagination will take care for a while of nourishing the image of the designer hidden behind his drawing board, his layers and his square.

But it's not the clichés that pay you and to satisfy the project manager, you have to cross the ford. On the other side, several software developers are vying for the market. Among them, autocad is considered to be one of the best tools. Its strengths: versatility coupled with its power. Allowing to design objects in the two-dimensional environment as well as in the 3-dimensional one (2D or 3D), this software designed by Autodesk is at the top of the choice of architects.

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 BricsCAD, Chief Architect, DesignCAD 3D Max 2019 … in a full article to be found here , capterra.fr offers a selection of 13 alternatives to Autocad.

2. AGLO, the smart assistant for your business consultations

In your wildest dreams, you jump from the top of a building you have designed yourself, you run in slow motion and you relive the same scene each time, but never, oh never, have you dared to dream of a solution that facilitates the management of written documents.

Don't pinch yourself, you're not dreaming: this novelty is called AGLO and you will very quickly forget your Excel files, which are as complex as they are difficult to handle, the unsuccessful consultations, the costings submitted late, the futile reminders and any attempt to compare quotes which requires immeasurable courage. 

Write your CCTP and DPGF online, distribute your DCE in one click to companies, relaunch them automatically and compare offers at a glance thanks to a powerful dashboard.

Only one question remains: how did we do it before?

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 We love:

– ELDs centralized in one place and easily accessible
– Standard quotes
– A CCTP and a DGPF linked by project

3. Quickbooks, the ally of entrepreneurs for accounting

If you choose Quickbooks for your activity, you will not be the only one: you will join more than 4.5 million entrepreneurs worldwide. It must be said that the software developed by Intuit succeeded in drastically simplifying accounting and commercial management, to make it ultra-intuitive. Will we go so far as to say that it becomes pleasant? Maybe not, it's still about managing invoices, VAT and dashboards.

One thing is certain: Quickbooks will not make you regret your Excel docs! 


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We love:

– Automated VAT calculation

– Time discounting of cash flows

– Using the smartphone device to automatically categorize expenses and fees.

4. The MAF Worksite Toolbox, to prevent claims


Behind these three letters hide all the experience and know-how of a mutual fund dedicated to architects and project management. Going beyond the scope of its insurance role, MAF offers a digital site toolbox, written by a committee made up of lawyers, experts and insurers. On the menu are 23 chapters that delineate the construction site, a place of all the dangers for the designers.

Are you wondering if the preparation period recommended by standard NF P 03-001 in the private market is 1 or 2 months? Are you unsure about the limits of your duty to advise? 

Look no further, the answer is all found: boiteaoutils.maf.fr !


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We love:

– The classification by chapter according to the major stages of the project

– The search bar that allows you to quickly find information

– The provision of ready-to-use documents (amendments, service orders, letter to the client, etc.)

5. OOTI: management software built for architecture

At the head of your agency, it is above all a matter of knowing how to manage. The time, the administrative, the organization, the projects, the agency, the financial state... It's the other side of the coin of entrepreneurship: you are free from everything but constrained, a lot.

Not easy then to have a precise state of the distribution of projects in your teams, your billing status and your profitability. It is to overcome these difficulties that OOTI was born. SaaS software that should be placed in the category of goods called ERP, OOTI aggregates all the data of your agency and returns it to you in an intuitive way.

Invoicing is then facilitated by automatic generation according to the progress of the project, itself informed by your employees as their work progresses, all allowing you to keep a precise eye on profitability.

In addition, there is a free trial period, take advantage of it! Find all the information about www.ooti.co


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OOTI is :

  • A centralized solution, designed for architects
  • A project and task management tool
  • Automated and project-related invoicing
  • Financial software that will allow you to optimize your budgets
  • A collaborative platform for the whole agency

Discover even more features