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Reconfinement of agencies: a complete file to restore Order.

How to best negotiate the new episode of confinement? This is the question answered by the Order of Architects by proposing, on its website, www.architects.org, a complete file soberly called “Coronavirus and reconfinement”.

Inside, the subjects are numerous and offer different thematic angles:

  • Organization of branches during the reconfinement
  • Business support
  • Practical documents for the construction site
  • Air quality and health

The first file takes stock of the life of the agency by scanning the different methods specified by the public authorities with regard to travel, site visits, reception of the public or even teleworking.

We thus learn that Article 4 of Decree No. 2020_1310 of October 29, limiting travel authorizations to those "to or from the place of professional practice" confines the travel of architects and their employees to the framework professional (worksite or site visit, etc.).


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Another topic covered:reception of the public in the agencies. Considered as establishments open to the public, agencies are not affected by closure measures. However, the visits must be strictly professional, when they cannot be kept at a distance.

As for the reception and site visits, the professional reason remains the condition for authorizing a trip. Thus, promoters, lessors, professional building owners are authorized, when their presence is necessary, to go to the site. With regard to individual clients, who have no professional reason for travelling, the Deputy Minister for Housing, Emmanuelle Wargon, specified during a press conference on November 2 "that only stopover visits, which condition a payment, or end-of-site visits, which condition the payment and delivery of the work, are possible. »

The chapter “Support for businesses” looks back on the various support mechanisms maintained or extended. This is particularly the case of the partial activity scheme, offering a payment by the state, up to 70% of the remuneration of employees for whom a reduction is attributable to a reduction in working hours or a temporary closure of the company.

Other maintained aid: the deferral of URSSAF charges from November or the solidarity fund for architects and architectural companies.

All the measures can be found on the site www.architects.org.

What to read during confinement?

Confinement, despite the cohort of bad news and gloomy prospects that it drains in its wake, is also an opportunity: that of rediscovering time for oneself, if not spending it with others.

To all lovers of reading and architecture, the tema.archi website offers the perfect combination: a selection of books on architecture, for " immerse yourself in the history of an emblematic building, from its construction to its construction, escape in time and space or even think about the architecture of the world after, through nine readings to devour these next weeks " as you can read on their website.

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As for the selection on offer, there is something for everyone's tastes. Trip to Chandīgarh » by Manuel Bougot who offers an immersion 60 years later in the city that Le Corbusier designed from scratch, in « Orly, airport of the sixties which looks back on the history of the Ile-de-France airport, the fruit of Henri Vicariot's work, from its inauguration in 1961 in the presence of Charles de Gaulle to its current transformation, when commercial aviation is celebrating its 100th anniversary. 

Among the proposed works, others raise questions. This is the case of "Architects facing the challenge of the neoliberal city", by Vérnoique BIau, with a question: what becomes of architects and architecture in a world where the production of the city is structured around large client organizations and powerful companies positioned across the entire chain of economic activities from development, from urban services to property management and construction? 

The list and references of the 9 proposed works can be found on the tema.archi website. by following this link

Equerre d'argent: who will succeed Charles-Henri Tachon?

The end of the year is the scene of a ceremony that focuses the attention of the archi planet: the Equerre d'Argent. As strange as the 2020 vintage is, the fact remains that it has the right to its prize list unveiled by the jury formed around the editorial staff of the architecture magazine AMC and the online information site lemoniteur.fr

 True to tradition, the 2020 edition will designate 5 winners, divided into 5 categories, among which will be chosen the Équerre d'Argent 2020. In a calendar disrupted by the global pandemic, the deadlines for submitting applications had been extended until to September 18, without this affecting the holding of the ceremony scheduled for Monday, November 23.

An edition that already promises to be unique, since at the traditional ceremony followed by a cocktail in the presence of the guests, a digitized 100% formula was preferred, confinement requires, accessible via a link.

The nominees in the different categories can be found on the amc-archi.com website, by following this link.  

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