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At the rendezvous of the digital transition of construction projects

OOTI spoke with Construction Tech, consulting firm in digital transformation of architectural agencies, particularly concerned by the digital transition Presentation of a complete and personalized solution:

La Tech du BTP, tailor-made and comprehensive support

In this context of market change and the emergence of software packages intended to facilitate the management of construction companies, La Tech du BTP is positioned as the referencing site for digital offers in the sector. More than a library of existing digital solutions, it allows a complete support in the transition to the most suitable tools. A true consulting firm in digital transformation both for major construction companies, independent architects and prime contractors.

The goal ? Allow companies to make the right choice according to their structure and their needs.

A large site can involve many difficulties in monitoring its operation for which substantial software is necessary, while a simplified tool may be sufficient for a more modest site. explains Louis-Marie Gouband, founder of La Tech du BTP. This is where its solution comes in: comparative tables, personalized appointments, support in understanding the specificities of each software… the offer is complete.

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The digitalization of the ever-changing architecture market

According to Louis-Marie, it is important to take into account the different types of jobs in the sector to understand the evolution of the digital transformation of architectural companies. A project manager bringing together hundreds of collaborators or an independent architect will not have the same level of digitization according to their respective needs: digital solutions must therefore be as flexible as possible to adapt to these requirements. various.

“We are starting to see companies working only digitally he says. 

Louis-Marie Gouband

Founder, construction technology

A profound transformation that requires time to adapt so that the business tools become a real daily companion in the optimization of tasks. The generation of Millennials (note: born between 1984 and 1996) is in particular very demanding of solutions that can be easily exploited in their professional context.

What will tomorrow's agency look like?

When you ask La Tech du BTP for its vision of the architecture agency of tomorrow, the answer is clear: the promotion of fluid exchanges and the delegation of tasks with low added value to software, the architecture firm will see its time considerably optimized. For Louis-Marie, this allows reduce delays and optimize margins.

Can digital do everything? " Today, even certain project elements are partly made by artificial intelligence. A huge technological progress but be careful to stay in balance and not to remove the human from the work of the architect: the creative process must remain in human hands answers Louis-Marie. A valuable support therefore, dedicated to time-consuming tasks and not replacing human creation

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OOTI and La Tech du BTP, a collaboration designed to last

OOTI uses business data to manage, thanks to data, an agency from A to Z. A definition shared by Louis-Marie, who sees in it a high degree of precision in the use of data, in order to organize it in a coherent and legible way. A common vision allowing OOTI to be present today among the software recommended by La Tech du BTP. To find out more, visit https://latechdubtp.com/.

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